”Look and learn” workshops

swedish barber expo workshop

I år har vi 10 st ”look and learn” workshops (ca 1 timme) som vi delat in i två nivåer:

1.0 Basic – frisörer och nyutbildade barberare
2.0 Advanced – barberare med minst 3 års erfarenhet

Pris: 295 kr ex moms
Max 20 barberare/workshop
Biljetter: Barbersupplier.se | alexander@barbersupplier.se | 08-661 88 28
(OBS! Inträdesbiljett krävs, 150 kr inkl moms)

swedish barber expo workshops

workshop adaytomovemberClassic Shaving 1.0 & 2.0  
Nivå: Basic / Advanced

Whether you are experienced in classic wet-shaves or just a beginner, this workshop is something you need to attend. With something over 50 years in this trade Dennis still evolve and learn, this workshop will cover the basic knowledge of classic shaves but also for the more experienced shaver he will give you inspiration and let you know his secrets to master the art of shaving. In 2016 Dennis provided a similar workshop during Swedish barber expo, which was highly recommended by everyone attending.

Dennis Liedberg (SWE)
The oldest barber in Sweden (72 years). He runs Dennis Barbershop in Linköping. He started as a “lather boy” and later took over the salon, which is the oldest barbershop in Sweden (132 years). Dennis has an amazing knowledge of the craft of the trade. He is our link to the old school barbershop tradition, which he gladly passes forward to the new generation of barbers.

Workshop Afro Technoques adaytomovember  
Afro Technique 1.0
Nivå: Basic

In this workshop you will get a basic introduction to afro hair, he will go through the importance of body & hand posture while you are working. But also give his take on how to successfully retain and attract customers. Throughout the workshop he will carry a discussion that involves all levels of barbers on how to develop your skills and become a greater barber.

Saiduninche “Shaff” Shafiwu (SWE)
He runs Afro Söder in Stockholm. Shaff is known as the best afro hairdresser in Sweden, he recently was voted Barber of the Year in Aida Awards 2019. He celebrates 20 years in the business. He will be a teacher at Scandinavia Barbering Academy which starts the first course soon. 


workshop adaytomovember

Scissors & Clipper Techniques 1.0 & 2.0
Nivå: Basic / Advanced

A must see for all Barbers, Hairdressers and Trainee`s. With amazing skill how to work with scissor/comb clipper/comb she creates Big & Bold styles in a mix of classic/modern Barbering. A truly inspiring workshop to attend.

Jen Winters (UK)
She started in the industry 14 years ago, got her experience working in several barber shops in Australia. Now runs her own barbershop PhoneyPony Barbers. She won The Great British Barber of the Year 2018 and took 2nd place in Wahl Barber of the Year 2019. She has been featured in Barber EVO, done lots of stage work in the UK and Europe. Global ambassador for King Brown Pomade and Matakki Scissors.


workshop business education adaytomovember  
Business Development
Rekommenderas för dig som driver barbershop / frisörsalong.

Educations – Sales – Business – Expansion.
This is a programe designed to help any barber grow as a brand to achieve limitless goals in the industry. Jac will give ahas a unique insight in running a barbershop and will give an introduction into how to develop your business.

Jac Ludlow (UK/NOR)
Started as an apprentice 2007 and has opened two barber shops in Wales. Member of the City and Guilds Panel. 3rd place in Wahl British Barber of the Year 2017. Judged for British Master Barbers, British Barber Association and Swedish Barber of the Year. He now runs Escape Barbershop in Oslo, and travel all over the world with Jac Ludlow Education where he both teaches barbering skills and business management.


workshop adaytomovember 
Hair & Beard Shaping 1.0
Nivå: Basic

Introduction to barbering, this workshop will cover the basics regarding barbering, hair cutting and beard shaping. He will also talk about “the value of the customer”, how you can create a more valuable clientele.

Amin Iranmanesh (SWE)
Came to Sweden from Iran 17 years ago. Trained at Göteborgs Frisörskola, where he also has worked as a teacher. Runs Salong Randevu Barbershop in Gothenburg, open the second barbershop this summer. Swedish Barber of the Year 2018 and won the first barber battle at Nordic Hair Awards 2019. Judge in the semifinals in Swedish Barber of the Year 2019.


workshop adaytomovember 
Old School Hair & Beards 1.0 & 2.0
Nivå: Basic / Advanced

An insight in Old School Barbering for hair & beard, and how to maintain a long beard healthy and good looking, and always keeping a stiff upper lip regardless. Flat Top, Pompadour, Boogie and Contour.

Kenneth Johnsson “freeSir2.0” (SWE)
He is a 2nd generation barber, with 34 years of experience. Educated in London and trained as an apprentice in his father’s barbershop. He works as a freelance educator specialising in traditional barbering and teaching the old school way of hair cutting. He is the Wahl Ambassador and Brand Educator for Captain Fawcett. He is the head judge in the semi-finals for Swedish Barber of the Year.


adaytomovemberOld School Craft of Barbering 2.0
Nivå: Advanced

Demonstrating classic cuts steeped in tradition and perfected over decades. Learn how to approach timeless cuts and how to integrate the Schorem classic shapes and Reuzel products into your everyday work.

Paul Taylor-Clinch / Reuzel (UK)
He started at the award winning Scammels Barbershop in Bristol. Then moved to Rotterdam to train and work at Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier. Now he has returned to the UK and opened up his own barbershop Black Sails in Bath. He is Scumbassador for Reuzel teaching barbers all around the world. He also recently worked behind the scenes at Granada studios on the period drama Peaky Blinders.



Advanced Fade Techniques 2.0
Nivå: Advanced

Take your skin fades to the next level. Demonstration of how to work with diffrent clippers to create drop fade. Technical details of the clippers. Ths is for the barbers that worked a long time with fade techniques and want to go further with these techniques.

Chris Brownless (UK)
He started out as an apprentice in a unisex salon at the age of 17. 2013 he opened up his own barber shop North West Barber Co in Clitheroe. He has made a name for himself as one of the north of England’s truly pioneering and best-respected barbers. He was one of the first Uppercut Deluxe European Ambassadors and frequently holds educations and seminars.


workshop adaytomovember
Advanced Barbering 2.0
Nivå: Advanced

A presentation with precision cutting and high modern barbering skills. Dale Ted Watkins and Adee Phelan will show things that is important to achieve the best styles.

Dale Ted Watkins (UK)
He has spent over 30 years pushing forward the boundaries of men’s hairdressing in the UK. Since training and working for Vidal Sassoon, he has worked all over the world cutting celebrities. He has worked as a session stylist on fashion campaigns, music videos, magazine shoots. He is head of education for SKNHEAD London.



Men´s Long Haircuts & Beards Techniques 1.0
Nivå: Basic

Demonstrating basic beard techniques. How to create lines and how to shape the beard. Fading the beard line into a fade. Basic steps of cutting long hair.

Francisco Ferrer (SWE)
25 years’ experience in the trade. Originally from Spain. Trained ad Vidal Sassoon and started up a new Vidal Sassoon salon in Berlin. Run his own salon in Southampton for nine years. Three years ago he moved to Gothenburg for ”love”, started working at Sharper Barbershop. Now works at Mr Bear Family Barbershop in Gothenburg.